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Use AI to improve your business operations.

We amplify the influence of AI and cloud technologies in business transformation through our research and development Labs, and a wide-reaching partner ecosystem, ensuring the ethical and trustworthy delivery of AI models on any cloud platform. 


SkyHub Consulting aims to be the trusted partner for AI transformation in small businesses and beyond.

Consulting (AI) solutions

Data integrity and accessibility.

Our specialists will assess the quality and accessibility of your corporate data. If these datasets don't meet your AI solution's requirements, Itransition will assist you in reorganizing and cleansing them for enhanced reliability.

Regulatory compliance

We assist in crafting AI solutions that adhere to stringent ethical standards and global regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, and more, which are integral components of our corporate policies.

Algorithm explainability and accuracy

While the professional community grapples with AI's black-box nature, we guarantee meticulous data preparation, bias-free model training, and transparent technical specifications for a trustworthy and auditable AI solution.

Staff and stakeholder buy-in

SkyHub eases your team's transition to a new AI solution via demos, user training, and ongoing support. We also create a gradual adoption plan, combining incremental milestones with enhanced security in implementation.

Get started quickly with a FREE AI strategy briefing

Business analysis

Our AI consultation Identification of business needs while Selecting a suitable AI use case and Definition of the project's scope.

Initial data analysis

In our initial data analysis, we handled dataset requirements, source selection, data quality, analysis, cleaning, imputation, pipeline design, and flow guidance.

Building the AI solution

We partner with your business, building AI solutions, monitoring data preprocessing, guiding model training, overseeing development, ensuring compliance, and enhancing security.

Model integration and deployment

Our AI developers collaborate with you on environment selection, deployment strategy, integration, scalability, performance, security, and adherence to testing guidelines for seamless AI implementation.


We provide affordable support, including maintenance planning, performance monitoring, retraining guidance, continuous improvement strategy, and user training for optimal AI model management.

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