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One Touch Color

Project Virant

Project Code: #Sky100.CD.USA.2023

Lab | SkyHub Tech

While One Touch Color tools are not a novel concept, our project distinguishes itself by offering a user-friendly, no-code solution. This allows everyday business owners to effortlessly integrate it into their websites, enhancing their color offerings.

Our team is actively developing a cutting-edge tech product designed to revolutionize the paint selection experience for hardware businesses. By implementing this solution, businesses can save costs, optimize floor space, and expand their product range.

[For investment opportunities and development updates, please refer to the Additional Information section.]

Case Study

How This AI Tool Can Help? Read our test study.

Local Hardware Store

Jane is seeking to update the color of her living room walls due to their plain and uninspiring appearance. In her quest to find the ideal colors, she became frustrated because she wanted to visualize how the colors would appear on her walls.


In her search, she came across a local hardware store.


Upon visiting their website, she discovered a new digital feature that enables customers to preview colors and designs within the context of their own homes.


This feature can be accessed directly from a desktop computer or a mobile phone without the need to download an app. Users can simply upload a photo of their room, scan it, and choose their desired color.

After following these straightforward steps, Jane was able to select her desired color and even browse through photos showcasing the new wall look. Moreover, the company she encountered offered complimentary same-day delivery, eliminating the need for her to leave her home.

Impact on the Customer: This innovative approach not only saved Jane both time and money but also provided her with a convenient and efficient way to explore and choose the perfect color for her living space.

Impact on the Store: The introduction of this digital feature allowed the store to collect valuable user data, aiding them in identifying the most popular color choices. Additionally, this unique customer experience attracted new clients like Jane, increasing the likelihood of their return visits. Ultimately, this approach not only resulted in cost savings for the store but also offered an entirely new and improved customer experience.

Additional Infomation

  • We will release our Investor deck January 2024

  • Our One Touch Tower Design Mock-Up is being developed 

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