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Our Partners

Our partners play a crucial role in positioning Skyhub at the heart of social innovation. Each partner shares our values and mission, dedicated to closing both the technological and financial gaps, paving the way for a more connected future.

The Center of Innovation

Why Work With SkyHub

We possess the key puzzle pieces that can help bridge the gaps, emphasizing the importance of placing them correctly. SkyHub excels in discovering effective methods to achieve this.

Community Infrastructure

Our Team of World Changers

With a combined experience of over 25 years in technology, finance, and community development, our team brings invaluable expertise to the table. We hold the keys to bridging gaps, complemented by a talented cohort of 250+ developers and engineers hailing from the US, Africa, and India.


Our team seamlessly blends in-house professionals with outsourced experts when required, ensuring a versatile and robust approach to every project.

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Former Digital Political Strategist | Tech & Community Developer | Community Organize.


Dr. Zahid


Brand Scientist, Psychologist, and Strategist | Researching to create a symphony between brands and buyers

Interim CFO



Former VP at JP Morgan | Owner of Eleventh House | Senior Wealth Advisor

Other Team Members

Obed Rehman

Sr. Developer & Programmer 

Amar Ramlall

Jr. Developer & Programmer 

Michael Gavin

S. Marketing Advisor

Sadaf Pirzada

Sr. Project Manager

Work With Us.

We're on the brink of expanding our team shortly, as we gear up to embrace new opportunities. Stay tuned for the latest job openings and the chance to collaborate with us at SkyHub.

Industrial Factory

We are the key that connects industry to communities and small businesses beyond the last mile.

Embrace The Future With SkyHub

SkyHub bridges technology and community development, leveraging cutting-edge solutions to create meaningful impact. Our commitment to technological innovation drives sustainable community development, creating a synergy that fosters positive change in rural communities, small towns, and small businesses. 

Our focus is on developing and implementing transformative technological and artificial intelligence advancements to unlock growth potential and foster sustainable progress for communities and enterprises alike.

What We Do?

Our Misson

Our mission is to foster connectivity between rural and urban areas while leveraging investments to drive comprehensive growth and innovation.


We aim to be the pioneering force behind innovative solutions that bridge technology, industries, and society, creating new markets and revenue opportunities, thus becoming a leading catalyst for societal advancement.

Our Values


Doing things that better our lives, and connects us. 


Always challenging the norm, always looking beyond our current understanding.

Human Experience

Delivering meaningful and holistic experiences.

Environmental Responsibility

Pushing Sustainability and reducing our environmental impact.

Corporate responsibility

Changing the world and building a more connected society.

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