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Custom healthcare software development: solutions

Expand your healthcare service portfolio with comprehensive software solutions

SkyHub, your AI partner, brings transformative solutions to healthcare.

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, SkyHub can revolutionize smaller healthcare companies by improving patient care, enhancing operational efficiency, and enabling advanced data analysis. 


Our technology facilitates seamless collaboration within hospitals, enables remote patient connectivity, and drives pioneering medical research. The outcome is healthcare that becomes more streamlined, individualized, and ultimately more compassionate.


Our AI healthcare consultants assist healthcare organizations in creating ideal digital environments. We provide guidance on technology integration within your ecosystem, aid in selecting tailored solutions, and develop efficient implementation strategies.

Precision Diagnostics

Our AI analyzes comprehensive patient data for timely, accurate diagnoses. It aids in detecting diseases early and tailoring personalized treatments.


The SkyHub development team is prepared to provide diverse healthcare systems and implement platform-based solutions in line with your business vision. We apply industry-best practices, prioritizing security and compliance, and tailor our methodology to your unique needs.

Remote Monitoring

We develop AI technology for remote vital sign monitoring, enabling early intervention and decreasing hospital visits among chronic patients.

Support & maintenance

Our specialists assist healthcare firms in maintaining software that's consistently operational, adaptable, secure, and efficient. We offer comprehensive support, including pre-support assessments, 24/7 performance monitoring, and timely updates and customizations.

Boost your healthcare business

We are equipped to manage healthcare software development from start to finish or provide assistance at any phase of your project.

Our R&D Lab creates standalone healthcare apps for patients, professionals, and organizations, or mobile versions of existing medical software. We offer customizable features and integration with third-party systems and wearables.

Our R&D lab can provide patient portals, remote condition monitoring software, educational tools, and patient engagement solutions to empower individuals in managing their health, enhance loyalty, hospital communication, and population health.

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Overview of the Healthcare Software Development Market


the expected healthcare IT market CAGR from 2020 - 2030

Grand View Research


of healthcare organizations invest in AI, ML, and predictive analytics

PWC Health Research Institute


of users expect to manage their health information online


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