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SkyHub R&D Labs

Skyhub Labs is our main R&D department that oversees and manages the operations of all our divisions within Skyhub Labs.

Innovating for small businesses, and rural communities, pushing AI's limits for a sustainable, efficient world.


Starting in 2024, our Halo Team will work to transform the global logistics, delivery, transportation, supply chain, healthcare, and farming sectors by creating the most advanced and efficient autonomous AI system.

SkyHub Life

Innovate every project fearlessly.

Inside SkyHub Life, we are passionate about advancing AI for the benefit of humanity and the environment. We strive to innovate and develop a variety of products, from AI-powered energy-efficient housing solutions and new AAI solutions for farmers, to tools that increase access to our smaller towns and enhance public safety, to products that improve the quality of life for everyone.

SkyHub Tech

SkyHub Tech is our hub for pioneering AI research and innovation. We're dedicated to creating remarkable advancements in AI, shaping a future that spans healthcare and small businesses. Our relentless efforts aim to open new AI opportunities and drive positive change across industries.

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