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Retail software solutions

Achieve a competitive advantage by transforming your retail enterprise with technology innovations.

How Can AI Help My Retail Business?

Our team creates retail software, empowering physical stores to rival ecommerce platforms. We equip retailers with tools for delivering seamless customer experiences and personalized service across multiple channels, whether in-store, nearby, online, or on mobile devices.

Our POS software transforms terminals into vital customer experience touchpoints. It links POS to live inventory data, granting staff real-time product info and CRM access for customer records, ensuring swift and secure payments.

Inventory and pricing

We develop and enhance inventory management systems for comprehensive visibility of inventory and pricing, spanning retail stores, online sales channels, and warehouses. Utilize analytics for pricing, merchandising, and inventory tracking.

Billing and payments

We craft and incorporate tailored solutions for efficient billing, reducing processing delays, and accelerating checkout and refunds. Our versatile payment options encompass mobile and wearables, guaranteeing secure, tamper-proof transactions.

Marketing automation

Our marketing automation enhances personalized customer engagement by utilizing multi-source data to create segments, analyze trends, and customize ad, email, and social campaigns, promotions, and location-based notifications.

SkyHub Labs develops and enhances e-commerce platforms for customers' diverse needs, offering secure e-payment tools, call center support, and AI chatbots within trade portals, online stores, and social media shopping.

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End-to-end retail software development

What Sets Us Apart

We develop complex multifunctional systems and standalone modules for specific operations, based on proven retail technologies. We further integrate them into corporate infrastructures, seeing to every retail stage and streamlining critical yet often manual and routine processes.

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